Friday, September 30, 2011

October Horror Month 2011

Another year has elapsed and we once again find ourselves drifting further from the sun.  The days are getting shorter, the weather gets colder, and for whatever reason everyone loves to tell ghost stories and tour graveyards.  Our personal tradition as always consists of dividing the 4 weeks of the month into themes and attempting to watch a horror/thriller film every night.

This year's themes are:  Cults, Re-rerererererere (Remakes, Reimaginings, Sequels, etc.), Found Footage, and Around the World (Each film from this week takes place on a different continent).

I'm going to once again try to post a short review of each movie every night, including a relevant trailer.  It was a good exercise in writing discipline, although there are movies I saw that I didn't get the chance to finish reviewing.  I might revisit those later when this month is over.  Anyway, back soon.  Same Bat time, same Bat channel.