Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Horror 2014: 4 - Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers is a movie I was originally interested in since during a round of IMDb surfing I found out it was co-written by James Roday, who plays Shawn Spencer on the show Psych.  As the show is really funny, in part due to the grasp of the character Roday had from his audition reel onward.  So I was curious to see if his writing chops matched up.

However at this point I hope he didn't have too much to do with the movie since it was kindof a mess.
As near as I can gather, the movie's about rival werewolf clans who fight over the realization of a prophecy.  There's a half-breed child born to a human mother with a werewolf father who will end the curse of all werewolves when he turns 13.  He's protected by one clan who keeps their nature secret from both him and his mother, and hunted by another clan who wants to kill them because they like being werewolves.  If that sounds like an interesting setup, it kindof is.  However the movie tries to make itself more interesting by never really being clear about what's going on, instead dropping the audience into the middle of things with no explanation of even the characters.  I still don't know some people's names.

About midway through after a lot of really confusing running around and some context-less character death, one of the characters drops a plot dump on the mother and the whole thing lurches into the final act.  Elias Koteas and Kim Coates are woefully underutilized because the movie would prefer to spend time with the "Prettier" characters, unfortunately Elias is the one with most of the plot information.  And I almost don't want to mention the perfunctory sacrificial Indian they included so they could make some sort of tangential connection between the modern werewolf curse and the original "Skinwalking" ability of the native tribes.  See what I did there?  Title drop.  Awww yeah.

It's just really a lazy and very thin story with a thin veneer of Werewolf draped over it that just doesn't work.

Next up: Transylvania 6-5000

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