Monday, October 6, 2014

October Horror 2014: 6 - Werewolf Hunter: The Legend of Romasanta

Also known as Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt this 2004 thriller/historical fiction is based on the 1850's account of mass murderer Manuel Blanco Romasanta who claimed at his trial that he committed the murders because he was a werewolf.

It's a really interesting movie to watch, it does delve into the supernatural aspect a little bit.  I would've liked a bit more on that, mostly since a huge part of werewolf films is the transformation scene and this one was a little dull.

Another tenant of werewolf movies is the struggle against the animal nature of the wolf, but this character doesn't seem to have that.  He's a little sad about it, but doesn't really seem to struggle until the end when he's claiming the woman he was with helped him overcome it.  Which is doubly odd considering he seemed to be embracing his animal passions in their scenes, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, I'm writing this weeks after watching it so my recollection is getting foggy but here's the takeaway:  It's a decent movie.  Pretty well made with some good effects, though I wish it had more.  It mixes in a nice subtle amount of supernatural to play with the drama and make it a bit more "What-if".  Worth watching.

Next up: Silver Bullet

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